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Josh’s no-nonsense approach to teaching has taken on its own theme as a “High Feedback Zone” While he tells it like it is, you will learn and appreciate the direct answers that will help you grow and THRIVE!

Classes and Events

This course takes a look at Buyers and will educate the agent on how to educate and instruct them through the process. It will also help them to understand how to determine when or if they are ready to buy.

Look for new and innovative ways to market and advertise your listings. How about marketing to the right group of buyers? This course will educate you on ways to market, advertise and assist in getting more listings sold.

This course reviews all the new innovations and even FREE marketing tools and techniques that you can use to assist in marketing your listings. You’ll learn ways to make sure the seller is getting so much value commissions are not even a question.

This is an amazing FREE tool provided by NAR. In this course we go in depth with the benefits and tools in this system. We will show you how to use this tool for both buyer and seller clients.

Do you need more hours in the day? Always feel like you’re running behind? In this class we discuss ways to streamline and automate parts of your business allowing you to be more productive and take better care of your buyer and seller clients.

Ever wonder how Top Agents do it? In this session we will discuss how to have the upper hand in your market and how to ensure that your clients are receiving top notch service.

The hardest thing for many agents is to know when to LET GO of a client. In this session we discuss how and when to fire a client, cut your losses and move ON to the next one.

We will discuss some of the industry’s top objections and how to overcome them. We will also encourage you to send in your own objections prior to this session.

In this session we will discuss how to utilize the tools of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to engage your past, current and future clients.

Our industry is losing sight of the professionalism we wish to be paid for. In this class we discuss ways to make sure that your clients are being represented in a professional manner. Come prepared to have your toes CRUSHED!

In this course we will discuss the Federal Fair Housing Laws, the 50th Anniversary and what you need to know as a real estate professional on all the ABC’s and LGBTQs of real estate.

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to. - Richard Branson